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Hot Tea

pisgah breakfast, asheville grey, hibiscus mojito



Honeybuns Batch Brew

8 oz


12 oz


16 oz


House mug w/ refills


Espresso 2 oz

regular or decaf


Latte 12 oz

iced or hot


Cold Brew w/ Vanilla Foam


Cappuccino 8 oz


Cortado or Americano


Syrups - House Made

brown sugar vanilla, mocha, caramel, pumpkin spice


Whipped Cream

caramel, cinnamon, traditional




peach nectar + prosecco



strawberry puree + prosecco



orange juice + prosecco


Wine by the Glass


Fresh Baked Goods

We always have the items below. Follow us on social media for our varying selection.

Almond Chocolate Chip Cookie GF

Our GF Chocolate Chip Cookie that everyone loves with or w/out dietary restrictions. *nuts


Almond Croissant

Flaky croissant w/house made almond frangipane and toasted almonds.


Churro Croissant

Cinnamony and sweet just like a churro!


Cookie Dough Croissant

What more could you ask for...our Almond Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough stuffed inside a croissant!



Served 7:30 - 10:30 AM


daily assortment of fresh backed goods while supplies last

Egg + Cheese

choice of croissant, ciabatta, marbled rye, gluten free


Egg + Bacon + Cheese

choice of croissant, ciabatta, marbled rye, gluten free